Cheek-y Printer

I believe 2017 will be the year that I memorize how to get my printer switched onto new wireless connections and not have to trudge thru the operations manual. New dwelling has had its share of issues here and there since move-in. Most recent triumph was getting the code to unlock the gate leading to the trash compactor. (Have I actually used the trash compactor myself yet? No. I’m afraid of it. If it’s not been my sister taking out the trash, my girlfriend has been absolutely wonderful, offering whenever she’s over, to take the trash out for me.)

Current ongoing new dwelling issue – no cable/internet. Something is apparently wrong with the wiring and getting a hold of the right level of customer service/technician to get a tech out here who can actually fix it (the guy they sent basically left like this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and I remained the internet-less.) has been quite vexing. So my venture out from under my rock and back on here is being brought to you by my cell phone service provider of 14 years. Mobile HotSpot for the win!… except for the part where the phone pretty much has to stay next to a window for good reception. Got a reception booster sent out… but direct internet access via an ethernet cable is needed to get it operational.

Once the cable/internet issues gets resolved, I’ll yet again get to play with my printers network settings. Joy.

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