First Post Contaning Comic Pages Upload!

Wow! Almost two weeks since I last posted. I just wanted to go ahead and announce in its own post that the first ever upload of Thinking of Utopia pages was just published here!

Uploads of actual comic pages will still be fairly sporadic for the next few weeks as I continue to juggle all the steps involved in producing the finished product. I will be uploading as I finish pages, but only when I have a small batch finished – about 4-6 pages at a time is what it’s looking like. I will definitely make an announcement when all the processes have reached beyond being caught up and the comic starts on weekly scheduled updates. I will be looking very forward to that day and hope it comes very soon.

Some good news (not like actual comic pages finally being uploaded isn’t good news!) MORE good news is that I’ve managed negotiate a temporary non-fluctuating schedule at work for at least a couple of months. This means that I can have an actual set schedule outside of work! And there was much rejoicing within.

Things will most certainly be picking up here, so stop by often!


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