I Refuse To Give Up

My web hosting site decided to be a really cheeky this evening and kept asking me to verify/sign in after every link I clicked. It got old fast, especially when it took its sweet time loading me on to a sign in page AGAIN. After a good while, I did start to worry that I wasn’t going to gain access again!

I had some major re-working to do in the story line that just wasn’t jiving with me anymore. I believe I’m finally content with what all I came up with and I found the right music to work to. Now I just need to sleep on it and see that my thoughts are still agreeing with the changes come tomorrow.

I just have to keep going with what ever spare time I manage to get. A big upcoming corporate visist at my job has kept me working crazy hours again. Also, a very good friend of mine had a death in the family and most certainly my time has been made available to them.

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Page 18 Fixed

Well, I at least got the typo fixed on page 18. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any work done on finishing up page 19 for uploading today. This week has been anything but easy going at work. Monday and Tuesday combined had me at having worked 26 hours and the rest of the week was just kinda bleak after that start. I’m not losing hope but I am a little flustered.

I’ll check back in most likely after the weekend. x_x

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Welcome Taiga Con Attendees!

I’m a little late posting this welcome message. But wtih a 12hr work day on Monday and a 14hr one on Tuesday… yeah… So here I am on my Wedensday off!

Welcome and thank you for checking out my site. I will have the next page uploaded on Friday and will also be fixing the typo on page 13. That last page was made on my desktop while it was on its way out and I didn’t notice the typo until after the fact. I was able to get my desktop going again and can retreive the original file where I can edit the text.

Recent events may very well be steering me more toward activity on here, so do check in agian soon!

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Hello Internet

I think I may have finally come to terms with the idea that calm just doesn’t exist anymore for me. In fact, I may not even know what to do with myself if things ever do calm down. Recent times have just finally steered me towards shuffling things around until it fits in some order based of my less-than-stable week-to-week schedule. Stable, like calm, just doesn’t seem to exist either. There are so many things that I still need to complete, but I’ve come to terms with knocking them out one at a time as time allows. Eventually (I hope… blasted optimisim…) I will have everything crossed off the list before making a new list of things to do.

Updates and actual comic uploads are just (FINALLY) around the corner and I will make at least one part of this site stable and NOT a reflection of my actually unstable life away from here.

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Meet Andy and Gail

Last month I finally dusted off my Twitter account. I made mention that I’d been in the process of developing two new characters for Thinking of Utopia that wouldn’t appear until much later in the story.

At the time of the Tweet, I was in the middle of sketching out one of the two characters. I’d put thought into wanting to bring such a character into the story, but just couldn’t figure out who that character was yet. Finally, on December 10th, they appeared in my mind and I put them to paper. The other character had been on the back burner for many more months, but didn’t come to be until this evening. And so, I introduce to you Gail Taupe and Andy Crane.

I haven’t been that active in creating the comic and haven’t shared all too much because of that. However, I had made it a point to not share characters before they were relevant, and much less when all I have of them is the first (extremely rough) sketch. Rarely do the characters stay exactly as they appear in my first sketch. I begin to mold them and tweak until they finally match what I expect of them from all the thoughts bustling in my head. And yet here I am introducing Andy and Gail in their rawest forms. Why? Because I can’t stop thinking of Leelah Alcorn.

There is so much I want to share using Thinking of Utopia as that platform. It’s the whole reason I decided to let it be more than just that 3 page short story for an English class my senior year of high school. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I decided to expand it and I credit my experiences in college, up to that point, for that decision. I was exposed to so much in those first two years and that sparked something in me. I had been exposed to diversity like never before, and with that, I was also exposed to hate. As the years passed, I became more aware and continued to write as things came to me. One day I took all my random writings and scrap papers and put them in chronological order. I realized I actually had enough to put the story in motion. When I started to focus on it more characters came in to the story line to help bring in other topics I wanted to touch on. That’s when I decided that I’d have the story follow Chris into college… because it was in college that I learned so much more about people – about diversity beyond ethnicity. I learned about the spectrum of love and identity. Years later, I’m still in awe at all the diversity and my heart aches at all the hate and misunderstanding surrounding it. This is where Gail and Andy come in.

Gail had been brewing in my mind for about two years when I finally got a good enough feeling for her to capture her in a sketch. Gail will introduce to the story polyamorous relationships. She came to be due to the fact that I have friends who are polyamorous and I realized that I’d get less than positive reactions from other people when I’d talk about my friends. Not that I expect Thinking of Utopia to become this big thing or anything (especially with my constant issues getting it updating), but at least it will be one more story out there featuring that bit of diversity. And while thinking of diversity that isn’t given that much thought and finds a lot of adversity, I thought of the transgender community. About six months ago, Andy Crane started to stir up in my mind. It wasn’t until December, 10th that he came to be… and a few weeks later, Leelah Alcorn committed suicide. I don’t expect Thinking of Utopia to become anything grand, but I at least hope that it will touch at least one person who eventually reads it in the future.

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Let’s CONTINUE To Count The Ways…

2014 has really turned out to be a year that I never would have imagined… and most of it has not been good. The most recent happenings in my life may even bleed over into 2015. I’m hoping it won’t but stress has been no stranger this year. Two family members ended up having brain surgery and the reasons were not related, so I at least have no fear of something that runs in the family. Currently another family member is due to have a procedure done to shed some light on what has been ailing them. I’m keeping my hopes up that it’s nothing severe and something easy to treat.

Somewhere in the mix of ailments and surgeries happening in my family, I got a promotion at work. I’m very glad to have been the pick out of the 5 considered for the position, however, the timing of the promotion came during a very rocky time for the company and even more so for my team. The move put me from hourly to salaried and we can guess where more of my hours in a day went…

Not having made much progress this year in regards to my art has been rather disheartening. I honestly was rather stoked earlier this year with getting into an Artist Alley and having gained that experience. However, I feel that I didn’t make enough progress to really have a decent chance at getting into any of the conventions who’s AA application submissions will be opening up soon. Also can’t forget the overall lack of progress on the comic itself and the main reason I’m looking to get into Artist Alleys is to promote the comic! Transitioning from my flat-lining desktop to a laptop has also given me a few set backs while still trying to learn new programs. BLARGH!!!

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Let Me Count The Ways…

Alright-y, folks. I didn’t want to have to do it, but I’ve come to the point where I just can’t keep a steady update schedule right now. Work continues to be fairly volatile with my schedule and that didn’t pair well with all the issues I ran into on my end which included: 1)My desktop computer being on its last legs

2)My original drawing tablet suddenly dying on me.

3)New laptop I obtained to replace old computer didn’t support old program I was using in making the comics.

4)Currently trying out the Linux program, GIMP, to replace old program.

I may be knocked down, but I refuse to be defeated. I’ll be back again with updates at least on how things are progressing on this side. And then, hopefully sooner than later, I’ll be shaking off a new set of ashes and begin updating the comic on a regular schedule.

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No Comic For This Past Week

Sorry for the delayed update. Clearly I couldn’t get around to getting a comic page uploaded this week. My boss was out of town this week which resulted in my schedule being anything but normal. I just finished wrapping up a project for work and will be heading to bed here momentarily. If things don’t remain super hectic with work, I may be able to get two pages uploaded on Friday. However, I’ll most likely be lucky to get one up!

Argh! I really don’t like having such a hard time keeping this updating on a regular basis. I’m seriously looking into taking some vacation time to get things ironed out and thus running more smoothly for updates on here.

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Updating Again!

Well, that was interesting for me. It took quite a few tires to get the new page to link up to the previous ones, but it’s working now. Page 18 of Thinking of Utopia is FINALLY up!

Next page will be coming out August 1st and I’ll continue to upload on Fridays going forward! It’s good to be back at it!

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Powers That Be

So, I’ve apparently done something to cause the universe to target me. I got my new drawing tablet in a few days ago, but my work schedule was rather hectic. I finally had time to install the new tablet this afternoon. At least the install went well and this tablet actually works a lot better than my previous one. I’m rather impressed by it, actually. I’ve also found out how twitchy I apparently am when working in Photoshop. The pressure sensitivity on this thing is crazy compared to the old one.

I was also looking forward to getting the laptop in today. I have an Amazon Prime account and placed the order so that the laptop would arrive on my day off where I would be available to sign for the delivery. If I’m not home my packages get dropped off at the leasing office. Which is all fine and dandy since I know my stuff won’t get stolen from my front door step that way. The irritation comes in that I’m usually off to work before the leasing office opens and get home after the leasing office has closed. Well… I signed in this morning to see the time stamps of my laptop’s journey to me only to read the following, “We’ve incorrectly sorted the package at our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay.”

… …go figure.

Anyways, at least my on-its-way-out computer is still lucid enough to recognize the new tablet and run Photoshop. Photoshop and iTunes, together, not so much… Had my iPod playing via a little speaker while I FINALLY finished page 18 of Thinking of Utopia. Page upload coming up in just a little bit!

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