Chris LousnekorbChris Lousnekorb

Age: 18


Height: 5’10″

Honor student, captain of the swim team, and overall go-to friend and tutor, Chris has managed to breeze into
his senior year of high school.  Beginning to feel the weight of the
end to a chapter in his life, Chris feels the need to disclose a
secret to his close friend, Samantha.

Samantha BlackSamantha Black

Age: 17


Height: 5’5″

Samantha is a senior that can either be found listening to the incessant babble of the girls in her clique or at the side of her good friend Chris. Her gossiping group members begin to surmise that Chris may soon let her know something that’s been on his mind. Something that will make her heart flutter.

Eric EmevolEric Emevol


DOB: 01/15


Eric’s a senior and the new kid.  He despises having to reprise the role seeing as he’s moved more than once. He keeps to himself and grunts at other students who often annoy him.  Especially flirtatious females. He has no plans to befriend anyone, but he can’t turn a blind eye when someone truly needs help. And much less when they unsuspectingly catch his eye.

Sean Jacobs

Age: 21


Height: 6’2″

Loud, eccentric, oblivious of personal space, and a chemistry major, Sean is the college roommate you hoped every year you’d never get. Currently a first year senior, Sean can be found experiencing college to its fullest with either his dramatic arts majoring boyfriend, Derek, or his best friend and fellow chem major, Jake.

Having come from a wealthy family, Sean didn’t do a good job learning frugality. He quickly tipped his parents over the edge when he bought himself a Maserati as his high school graduation gift. He now attends college on the opposite coast from his car and must graduate following a strict budget if he ever wishes to see his car again.


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