Honor student, captain of the swim team, and overall go-to friend and tutor, Chris Lousnekorb has managed to breeze into his senior year of high school.  Beginning to feel the weight of the end to a chapter in his life, Chris feels the need to disclose a secret to his close friend, Samantha. She has a guess as to his secret, which was also surmised by her girlfriends.  However, she’s still surprised when she learns it, but not before the rest of the school finds out first!

Chris is quick to find out how one descriptor can quickly become your only definition.  While being pushed away by some, he finds himself gravitating toward others.  Chris must learn how to manage the revelation of his secret, and how to handle the people his secret will attract.  A new transfer student could be the key to keeping his head above water and surviving his senior year.


Thinking of Utopia is an online comic that will resume updating at some point in this crazy year that is 2020. Once I’ve got everything figured out and caught up in all aspects, Friday updates will resume. Some day in the distant future, I’d like to get half an act uploaded each Friday. Each issue will have two acts and my goal is to eventually get an entire issue out every month. When will I reach that goal? I haven’t the slightest clue!!

However, just because the comic will upload once weekly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit more often! The site still has more content to come, along with progress posts/updates and other treats. Oh, and don’t mind Sean who hangs out behind a curtain. Keep an eye out for his appearances, but don’t mind what he may do – he’s prone to mischief.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you back soon!


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