Phoenix is Alive

I really hope this will be my last post regarding returns from long respites. I was going to share the last piece I worked on but it turns out it’s not on the computer I’m working from at the moment. My desktop had become a slug for a good while I so switched most of my operations over to my laptop for a good bit. Got my desktop rebuilt a few months ago and my mind forgot what files are on which machine. Blargh.

Things have not let up in the slightest at work and I’ve abandoned all hope that they will improve. The direction the company has been going in for the last few years truly has left me feeling like I don’t recognize it anymore. My passion there has been flickering in all the change, but I also owe so much to the opportunity. My living situation was able to have a major improvement as a result of my commitment to my job… but enough may soon be enough.

In addition to having a lot of my time going toward making my new home truly “my home”, I recently hit the one year mark of my relationship with my girlfriend. That happened during this last respite. I ventured back onto the on-line dating scene after coming to terms with embracing the fact that I identify as bisexual and didn’t want to hide anymore behind the guise of straight by dating only guys.

Going back to the being at a new place… I’m typing this up at my desk, which is currently only half put back together… eventually I’ll unearth the pegs to be able to install all the shelves and continue to unpack the boxes containing the rest of my desk belongings. Also, during the move, my drawing table ended up having one of its legs ripped off… …. …. Slow. Deep. Breaths. I’ve bought supplies to attempt to repair it and hopefully that attempt on my next day off will prove successful.

Anywho, Phoenix is back.

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