Relationship Musings

Relationship musings apparently due since I turned 33 this past week and am currently single. My last serious relationship barely missed making it to the two year mark. That ended almost three years ago next month. I’ve since had various dates and short term things that fizzled out quickly and certainly continued to participate in my share of online dating. However, the last few years have certainly been interesting in learning about myself. Especially this year… oh boy… With my job having become has hectic as it did as summer wound down, I actually took a break from online dating – still am on hiatus on that front, actually. There is still more I need to figure out before getting back to it, but I’m certainly enjoying the dating respite. I’m certainly much happier with this quiet, introspective time, VS the ills I was facing in my last relationship. Lies. Lies. I hate lies. There’s nothing quite like being taken for granted. The 2012 holiday season wasn’t a pleasant one due to that last serious relationship.

There’s still some stuff I need to come to terms with and hopefully become more open about. Talked about it at length with a friend recently. She had warm feedback for me. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but there is a reason she’s a dear friend. I really do hope to regain focus here quickly so that I may get back to updating the comic. It’s actually interesting to think about how what I need to come to terms with is actually relevant to Thinking of Utopia in some ways.

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