When Life Gives You Lemons In The Eye…

…you squint really badly, curse, and trudge on to the best of your abilities while you wait for the stinging to pass.

I received some news at work yesterday that will most likely be turning things upside down beyond anything I’ve had to deal with before in my career. And this news was delivered while there are ongoing events that are still uncertain that were already going to make things unstable. I’m honestly still in shock over the news and trying to figure out how to go about managing it all once it does go into official effect.

Unfortunately, I have no comic page ready for upload this week. It’s in progress, but not finished. Rather than put it off until next Friday, I will certainly be uploading it as soon as I finish it. I’m committed to not letting everything that is about to hit the fan at work stop me from working on Thinking of Utopia. I put in a few hours on it last night, and although my progress was slow due to how jumbled my mind was, it was still progress and it did help me IMMENSELY to deal with the stress of the news I’d received at work. I believe focusing even an hour a day to my creative outlets will help me keep my head above water and at least maintain some form of control on something when so much else is out of my hands.

ON ANOTHER NOTE! Not related to lemon in eyes. How about this being the one week marker to marriage equality? I was absolutely ecstatic last week when I heard the news. I actually started crying I was so happy. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, but sight must certainly not be lost on all the other steps still left to be taken in reaching equality for all. One day. And we are currently one step closer.


An edited version of a drawing I made a few years ago.

Love wins.

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