Had an interesting day. Unfortunately, it did set me back some. Hard to concentrate when my mind is a mess. And that’s pretty much what it’s been since the end of my shift. Had a string of conversations with my boss that eventually led to him figuring out something about me that I’ve just never really spoken about. At first I thought he was joking, especially since he tends to do that often. And I also often have trouble picking up on his sarcasm. Eventually I just asked him if he was joking or being serious with me concerning what he’d said. He thought he’d figured it out and that I didn’t know… that he’d helped solve some of my issues because he made a revelation for me. Not the case I ended up informing him. I was very much aware of what he’d figured out, but I just never talk about it and operate by just not acknowledge it. I’ve functioned this long doing it. It just makes my stories that much more important. Courage is certainly lacking. :/

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