Page 19 Is Up

I am happy to report that page 19 is finally up!

I was planning on having it up early this morning, but I had an interesting development on Thursday. Prior to MomoCon, I’d been very busy with my job in preparation for a visit from corporate. So I pretty much went straight from my job into MomoCon. Then, once the con was over, it was straight back into work for me since it was my store’s annual physical inventory. Technically, I shouldn’t have been able to do MomoCon due to the upcoming inventory, but my boss was gracious enough to approve my time off and get things covered. Anyways, I finally had a day off Thursday and got to much needed cleaning in the apartment. Once I was done and sat down to finish working on page 19, I ran into a problem with my tablet. It was on, the cursor was moving along the path the stylus made, but I couldn’t click on anything. I finally took a good look at the stylus after enough unsuccessful attempts to click on things and that’s when I noticed what the problem was. My stylus was missing its tip. I then recalled that while I was vacuuming around the coffee table earlier, the vacuum sucked up something that made a noise but I didn’t give it a second thought at the time.


I did manage to avoid going into a full panic and allowed myself the distraction of a movie with my sister while I let things settle in my mind. I ended up remembering that I had a set of tips from my previous tablet that died on me last year. They were not a perfect fit, but my tablet did recognize the contact point and I could finally click on things. However, since it wasn’t a perfect fit, the tip kept falling out. I ended up having to work on my tablet at an odd angle as to keep gravity from snatching the tip. This slowed down my productivity and before I knew it my eyes had grown heavy and I had to go sleep. A work shift was in the mix for today and then I was finally able to finish page 19. I have also since ordered a set of stylus tips that should arrive Saturday. And there was much rejoicing.


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