I Refuse To Give Up

My web hosting site decided to be a really cheeky this evening and kept asking me to verify/sign in after every link I clicked. It got old fast, especially when it took its sweet time loading me on to a sign in page AGAIN. After a good while, I did start to worry that I wasn’t going to gain access again!

I had some major re-working to do in the story line that just wasn’t jiving with me anymore. I believe I’m finally content with what all I came up with and I found the right music to work to. Now I just need to sleep on it and see that my thoughts are still agreeing with the changes come tomorrow.

I just have to keep going with what ever spare time I manage to get. A big upcoming corporate visist at my job has kept me working crazy hours again. Also, a very good friend of mine had a death in the family and most certainly my time has been made available to them.

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