Let’s CONTINUE To Count The Ways…

2014 has really turned out to be a year that I never would have imagined… and most of it has not been good. The most recent happenings in my life may even bleed over into 2015. I’m hoping it won’t but stress has been no stranger this year. Two family members ended up having brain surgery and the reasons were not related, so I at least have no fear of something that runs in the family. Currently another family member is due to have a procedure done to shed some light on what has been ailing them. I’m keeping my hopes up that it’s nothing severe and something easy to treat.

Somewhere in the mix of ailments and surgeries happening in my family, I got a promotion at work. I’m very glad to have been the pick out of the 5 considered for the position, however, the timing of the promotion came during a very rocky time for the company and even more so for my team. The move put me from hourly to salaried and we can guess where more of my hours in a day went…

Not having made much progress this year in regards to my art has been rather disheartening. I honestly was rather stoked earlier this year with getting into an Artist Alley and having gained that experience. However, I feel that I didn’t make enough progress to really have a decent chance at getting into any of the conventions who’s AA application submissions will be opening up soon. Also can’t forget the overall lack of progress on the comic itself and the main reason I’m looking to get into Artist Alleys is to promote the comic! Transitioning from my flat-lining desktop to a laptop has also given me a few set backs while still trying to learn new programs. BLARGH!!!

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