No Comic For This Past Week

Sorry for the delayed update. Clearly I couldn’t get around to getting a comic page uploaded this week. My boss was out of town this week which resulted in my schedule being anything but normal. I just finished wrapping up a project for work and will be heading to bed here momentarily. If things don’t remain super hectic with work, I may be able to get two pages uploaded on Friday. However, I’ll most likely be lucky to get one up!

Argh! I really don’t like having such a hard time keeping this updating on a regular basis. I’m seriously looking into taking some vacation time to get things ironed out and thus running more smoothly for updates on here.

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One Response to No Comic For This Past Week

  1. K says:

    Taking a break to create a bunch of pages at once might be the best option (that way, you can have something to show while focusing on other things). I’m really interested in seeing where the story goes~

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