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Updating Again!

Well, that was interesting for me. It took quite a few tires to get the new page to link up to the previous ones, but it’s working now. Page 18 of Thinking of Utopia is FINALLY up! Next page will … Continue reading

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Powers That Be

So, I’ve apparently done something to cause the universe to target me. I got my new drawing tablet in a few days ago, but my work schedule was rather hectic. I finally had time to install the new tablet this … Continue reading

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I’m postponing the relaunch by a week. Trying to complete the comic with my mouse is proving to be a disaster. I am in desperate need of a stylus to be able to do a decent job shading and not … Continue reading

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Relaunch Glitches

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that I’d encounter issues trying to get things going again. The next page will be up shortly, but it wasn’t my plan to have it up so late in the day … Continue reading

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