Pig’s Blood

As if two winter storms to start off the year weren’t enough for 2014. My absence can be credited to my job (again) and to a completely unexpected family illness. Nothing like a sudden event to open the flood gates on suppressed emotions and make one realize there is a lot that needs to be dealt with.

Very recently there was also what I guess would have been considered a date. I enjoyed myself and there was talk of another encounter. However, me being who I am, all I can find myself thinking about is when will I find out that it actually didn’t go well on their part. ¬†When will they tell me, essentially, “never-mind” and reveal that there’s someone else. I generally feel like I’m waiting on the pig’s blood to get dumped on me whenever I feel good about things like this.

Well, I’ve got one of my playlists going. Here’s hoping I can get a sketch in before I should head to bed. It usually helps to channel this kind of turmoil into art.

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