I used to be an active user on LiveJournal. I remember being in my freshman dorm room, listening to the song “Smashing Blue” from Gravitation, while setting-up my account. I still have the first LiveJournal I made and sign in a few times a week to read posts. I, however, stopped writing entries many years ago. I think the last few years saw more unfinished entries that never made it out of the private setting. I always had the intention of going back to finish them and then make them available to my friends.

I dabbled with MySpace for about a year. I think that was when I started becoming less active on LiveJournal. Then a good friend asked me to come over to Facebook. I believe Facebook sealed the deal for me on actual posts on LiveJournal, with the exception of my first intense break-up. I really needed an outlet at that time that wasn’t so public. I was really drawn to Facebook due to the ease of being able to keep in contact with so many friends who had moved away.

Then there is Twitter. I have an account and I have lots of fun when I’m active on it. Oh boy, but I get over-whelmed very easily with all the updates on it! Eventually I will try my hand at it again and focus on trying to make groups for all that I follow. That should make my experience on there more manageable.

Tumblr and Pinterest? Very fun to look at what others have done on there, but I’m certainly not ready to add those to my mix of social media. And that is how I ended up here at my computer updating this site. In an effort to stay connected, I have actually managed to get myself rather disconnected. I find myself over-whelmed and exhausted so easily on a daily basis, that by the time I’m home and ready to unwind… all that happens is I watch some shows on Netflix, read Facebook, and sometimes check the online dating site I’m active on. That’s how most of my days go when I get off of work. On my days off, I’m actually quite productive with everything except this site and my drawings. And that happens because I don’t get much done on all the other days.

So, I came up with the idea today that perhaps I’ll focus on updating here like I once did my LiveJournal. The site won’t be on a back burner in my mind most of the time, and it will actually get to me sit down at my work station here at home. I’ll be surrounded by my desk, drawing table, and all my creative supplies. And perhaps, this way, my ideas will finally make it out of my head and on to paper.

I think that’s a decent plan to start with. Now to bake some goods for a work meeting and do my taxes.

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