Rebirth Of Sorts

I can’t even think of where to begin. Well, I’ll start off with the fact that I don’t have a new page to upload. The next page is currently sitting on my drawing table with the final panel still needing to be finished. Once I finish that panel, the actual ink lines, coloring, and text will take about another 3 hours.

I luckily have been somewhat creatively active in the last couple of months, however, I don’t wish to share what I’ve produced on here just yet. All the art I’ve produced deals with things further along in the comic and thus would be nothing but spoiler material. I’ve been working so much on the later material that I’ve actually considered, a few times, to scrap the current comic’s opening and push up the timeline. However, I have found it to be a bit of a pain to work in so many flash backs for each character’s history that would be revealed following the current time line.

So, what has Phoenix been up to all these months? Being creatively mute again. It has sucked. The relationship I’d mentioned in the last couple of posts, from last year, ended in December. As the relationship officially ended, my creativity picked-up. I hope to eventually meet a match that doesn’t stifle my creativity. So far I don’t find the idea too promising. ¬†Another break-up right smack in the middle of the holiday season was just what I’d been wanting. So now that the dust has settled some and I don’t find myself rummaging for the moscato (instead of the almond milk) to pour into my evening tea, some soul-seeking of sorts has taken place.

The phoenix had a rebirth. I’m a bit more self-aware and creatively active again. I’ll see you around soon with uploads again.

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