Dude, Did The Phoenix Spontaneously Burst Into Flames Or Something?

It sure has been a while. Life hasn’t gotten any smoother in my 2 month absence, unfortunately. I’d say I’m keeping my fingers crossed on my job finally settling down, but my fingers would most certainly go numb at the rate things have been progressing. Add to the mix having found a significant other, and a rejection of sorts in regards to something pertaining to an art endeavor I’d been planning. Yeah… motivation plummeted to about nothing somewhere back there.

So here I finally emerge and I wish my boss would finally just hire the people we’ve been needing and the people we will be needing in the very near future. I’d really like to be able to go back to doing my actual job and working the consistent schedule that goes with it. Until things fall back into order and my job, I can’t promise any scheduled updates. I’m really just posting at this time to let it be known that I am alive and that I haven’t abandoned this site.

I hope the next time I post, that I’ll actually have a page to upload.

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