Sometimes Work Can Get In The Way

I can’t even begin to get into everything that has gone on at my job these last few weeks. It has just been one thing after another and even on-top of each other before anything else has had a chance to clear. If I’d been complaining about a lack of consistency to my work schedule before… oh, boy… those weeks compare nothing at all to what these last ones have been and are to come. So, not only have I been absent from here with any updates and new pages… I still don’t have a page ready for upload. However, I do have some good news.

I have managed to squeeze in quite a bit of progress on the initial page layouts all the way through the end of Act 01. This advancement makes the rest of the creation steps move faster. I’d basically been doing each page one at a time, from start to finish, on the entire process. The initial planning takes a long time and I finally dedicated a few time slots to nothing but thumbnails until I completed Act 01. Here’s hoping I don’t find myself absent from here again in such large stints.

I do have some hope in the horizon seeing as I’ll be taking a vacation during the first week of August. That should help refresh me and really get my mind going again. Hopefully Sean will be available by then. I finally found him. He was hiding from me, with  very good reason. However, he apparently is busy at the moment with a gig that involves posing for some art work. I’m sure it’s feeding his ego.

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