About Tuesdays And Music

Work has been everything but cooperative recently in regards to my having a consistent schedule. This has unfortunately affected my creativity and thus my output in drawing the comic. Plotting and story weaving hasn’t been affected as severely as drawing, but ultimately it’s the finished product that people look for. And it’s the finished product that I currently lack. I’m sorry for not having a page to upload this week.

[ashamed Phoenix]

I thought a lot about Tuesday since my last update and will have it temporarily be the new Monday. With the way things have been haphazardly going at work these last few months, I keep finding myself struggling to complete on the Monday deadline; my daily shifts and days off have been so inconsistent. I really do hope things get smoothed out at work within the next month because I really do want to get the update pace picked-up and steadied there.

Also, I wanted to share that I’ll be putting up a new page in the very near future on here. Music greatly influences, inspires and fuels my creativity. I end up constructing playlists for the story and the characters. What I really like about putting the character playlists together is when I have a song that appears in more than one playlist. The occurrence of an overlapping song means that it ties a part of the story together with an interaction between those characters. I was updating my playlists this evening, since I added some new music to my collection, and began to visualize the lists branching out and connecting to one another as the story progresses. I really liked the diagram that was appearing in my mind and decided that I want to share it. I will add to the diagram, revealing connections as they arise, while the comic progresses. I think it will be a pretty awesome visual aid to go along with the comic and to connect more with the characters. I’m looking very forward to this idea.

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