I’d like to think that I don’t need an introduction…

Why, hello there! I’m Sean. Phoenix has kept me doing nonsense work behind the curtains. However, Phoenix is now asleep and I couldn’t stand the idea of depriving others of meeting me! So, I figured I’d come out and say, “hi,” while Phoenix is roosting in the nest and happens to work early tomorrow… so won’t notice that I’ve let myself out anytime too soon. ^.~

Well, lovelies, I can’t be hidden anymore now that I’ve made an appearance. So, I shall be off for now to get some beauty rest. Oh, wait! Before I totally call it a night, please feel free to e-mail me! You can reach me at: for_your_entertainment (at) phoenix-rebirth.net (Do mind the spaces and conversion of (at) to @, lovelies!)

Oh, and I’m totally filing this under News~


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