Biological Sciences

I have a very dear friend who has a very, very busy life. He and I spend most of the year playing phone tag and cultivating relationships with each other’s voice mail boxes. When the stars align and we do finally get a hold of one another, we end up on the phone for anywhere from one to four hours! We met in high school in a graphic arts class.

After high school he went to college for art and I went to college for science. I couldn’t resist the allure of lab coats, the infamous double helix, jars of formaldehyde, museum specimen skin preparation and the eventual shot at performing my own gel electrophoresis and gas chromatography. But when I wasn’t elbow deep in lab reports and trying not to have my ass handed to me by calculus and organic chemistry, I was drawing.

Years later I’m having a conversation with my friend in which he gives me advice when he finds out that I’m planning to launch a web comic. I was elated to get his feedback and to find out that I had some good intuition with certain layout aspects even though I never formally studied sequential art. He also gave me a lot of pointers and their reasons that made a lot of sense!

I always enjoy talking to him and look so forward knowing that I will for sure see him at least once every year. If only we could get that once every year to multiply, because once a year never feels like enough. I love friendships that can maintain such strength even though there is barely any daily/weekly/monthly actual contact. I like knowing that our friendship remains strong and unwavering while we continue to rendez-vous with our voicemails.

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