Pages 10 and 11 Added

So my Monday update comes just barely before Tuesday and is only 2 pages. They’ve been uploaded and you can check them out at the comic page. These two pages took a lot longer than the others to put together and have made me dread future locker room scenes just a little bit.

I’m truly sorry for only having two pages done this week.  Work was a bit more hectic than usual this past week. In addition, I started a new workout routine early last week that kicked my butt hard core. I’ve got something else coming up later this week, but I hope it doesn’t bog me down.

Although I only got two pages up this week, I did make some amazing progress on part of a future story line that had been hazy for quite a bit. There really is nothing like getting the strike of inspiration while shampooing your hair. Apparently the switch to turning on the light bulb above my head also controls my eyelids. Shampoo in the eyes can be distracting to the plotting process. Luckily, I didn’t loose any ideas (nor my eyesight) during the rest of my shower and got it all typed-up for tweaking later.

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