Batteries Included. Just Gotta Find ’em…

Last year was a continual process of acquiring different items to help with bringing Thinking of Utopia to life. I also had to replace things that had finally met their end after years of service. My 8 1/2 year old computer passed on in March of 2009 but the accessories lived on until half way into 2010.

The monitor from 1995 began to think that pink was the new black before resigning itself to display only black. Next came the keyboard. Try communicating via the internet with only being able to copy and paste your words together with what’s already on your screen. And finally, the mouse went.

Seeing how in the past I’d fought with the (lack of) length of my old mouse’s wire, I decided to go with a wireless one this time. A curious little red light had been blinking at me all day and I finally figured out what it was for. The red light was my warning that my mouse’s battery was about to die.  It took me a few times of shaking the mouse to figure this out. I recently rearranged things and don’t remember where I put my pack of AA batteries. Luckily, this time around, I have a tablet and stylus.

I’m off to go find the batteries.

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