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It’s strange to be busy, but not feel like you’re actually that busy until you realize that you’ve had very little spare time. Georgia thwarted my awesome plans of using my lunch breaks to update the site with rain and not-so-comfortable cold temperatures. This post is brought to you from the comfort of my desktop while I’m bundled up in a sweater. Georgia weather stopped surprising me a few years back, but it still manages to annoy me.

I realized that rather than pressuring myself to churn out pages as soon as possible for posting, that I’d just go ahead and allow them to accumulate for posting on Mondays. I updated my”Welcome” sticky to reflect the change. Just updating with actual comic pages on Mondays should enable me to reach my eventual goal of half an act every Monday sooner. I’ll be able to pace myself better and  actually better manage all the steps it takes to produce Thinking of Utopia for upload.

Today’s comic upload is just around the corner. Oh, and this starts the new larger page format!


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