What USB Key?

Shortly after getting off of work yesterday, I pulled out my netbook before heading home and realized there was a faint wireless connection. My netbook couldn’t connect, but it got me thinking…

Today I’ve enjoyed my lunch outside and have decided to write about it! 🙂 Granted, I am in the shade, so my fingers are going a little numb, but that shouldn’t be an issue in a few weeks as we warm up. This has me excited simply because there are times when I’m working on writing Thinking of Utopia during my lunch break and come across something that I need to look up and verify. I’ve had to make notations in my documents before to remind me to go back and verify something later when I would have internet access.

I really love it when something comes up to make things run just a little more smoothly. Now I just need to remember to transfer files from my desktop onto my USB key. I run into that little road block from time to time… some awesome progress at home, but I forget to transfer it for accessing later.

Updates should be fairly frequent now. And the guy behind the curtain may appear soon.


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