Honor student, captain of the swim team, and overall go-to friend and tutor, Chris Lousnekorb has managed to breeze into his senior year of high school.  Beginning to feel the weight of the end to a chapter in his life, Chris feels the need to disclose a secret to his close friend, Samantha. She has a guess as to his secret, which was also surmised by her girlfriends.  However, she’s still surprised when she learns it, but not before the rest of the school finds out first!

Chris is quick to find out how one descriptor can quickly become your only definition.  While being pushed away by some, he finds himself gravitating toward others.  Chris must learn how to manage the revelation of his secret, and how to handle the people his secret will attract.  A new transfer student could be the key to keeping his head above water and surviving his senior year.


Thinking of Utopia is an online comic that will resume updating at some point in this crazy year that is 2020. Once I’ve got everything figured out and caught up in all aspects, Friday updates will resume. Some day in the distant future, I’d like to get half an act uploaded each Friday. Each issue will have two acts and my goal is to eventually get an entire issue out every month. When will I reach that goal? I haven’t the slightest clue!!

However, just because the comic will upload once weekly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit more often! The site still has more content to come, along with progress posts/updates and other treats. Oh, and don’t mind Sean who hangs out behind a curtain. Keep an eye out for his appearances, but don’t mind what he may do – he’s prone to mischief.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you back soon!


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Phoenix Is Still Alive

Well, finally gained access to all my accounts and can update here again. Enjoy a drawing of Chris enjoying a cup of coffee I drew two years ago.


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The Wounded

Photos taken on the day of the big move. Poor drawing table. I’m hoping to be able to finally squeeze in a repair attempt before heading out to Momocon. After brainstorming over the phone with a friend of mine that fixes and retouches furniture for fun, I ventured to Home Depot to pick-up some items that will hopefully do the job. I bought this drawing table back in 2009. I looked up drawing tables the day it happened and I was not too pleased with the going prices 8 years later. ;-;

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Cheek-y Printer

I believe 2017 will be the year that I memorize how to get my printer switched onto new wireless connections and not have to trudge thru the operations manual. New dwelling has had its share of issues here and there since move-in. Most recent triumph was getting the code to unlock the gate leading to the trash compactor. (Have I actually used the trash compactor myself yet? No. I’m afraid of it. If it’s not been my sister taking out the trash, my girlfriend has been absolutely wonderful, offering whenever she’s over, to take the trash out for me.)

Current ongoing new dwelling issue – no cable/internet. Something is apparently wrong with the wiring and getting a hold of the right level of customer service/technician to get a tech out here who can actually fix it (the guy they sent basically left like this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and I remained the internet-less.) has been quite vexing. So my venture out from under my rock and back on here is being brought to you by my cell phone service provider of 14 years. Mobile HotSpot for the win!… except for the part where the phone pretty much has to stay next to a window for good reception. Got a reception booster sent out… but direct internet access via an ethernet cable is needed to get it operational.

Once the cable/internet issues gets resolved, I’ll yet again get to play with my printers network settings. Joy.

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Phoenix is Alive

I really hope this will be my last post regarding returns from long respites. I was going to share the last piece I worked on but it turns out it’s not on the computer I’m working from at the moment. My desktop had become a slug for a good while I so switched most of my operations over to my laptop for a good bit. Got my desktop rebuilt a few months ago and my mind forgot what files are on which machine. Blargh.

Things have not let up in the slightest at work and I’ve abandoned all hope that they will improve. The direction the company has been going in for the last few years truly has left me feeling like I don’t recognize it anymore. My passion there has been flickering in all the change, but I also owe so much to the opportunity. My living situation was able to have a major improvement as a result of my commitment to my job… but enough may soon be enough.

In addition to having a lot of my time going toward making my new home truly “my home”, I recently hit the one year mark of my relationship with my girlfriend. That happened during this last respite. I ventured back onto the on-line dating scene after coming to terms with embracing the fact that I identify as bisexual and didn’t want to hide anymore behind the guise of straight by dating only guys.

Going back to the being at a new place… I’m typing this up at my desk, which is currently only half put back together… eventually I’ll unearth the pegs to be able to install all the shelves and continue to unpack the boxes containing the rest of my desk belongings. Also, during the move, my drawing table ended up having one of its legs ripped off… …. …. Slow. Deep. Breaths. I’ve bought supplies to attempt to repair it and hopefully that attempt on my next day off will prove successful.

Anywho, Phoenix is back.

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Coming Soon


My web hosting changed hands and I was certainly dragging my feet (among all that my job has been dealing me) in getting all of that situated. However, it has been done and here I am again. Here’s hoping I won’t be so scarce again and that Chris’s story will continue to unfold very soon.

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Relationship Musings

Relationship musings apparently due since I turned 33 this past week and am currently single. My last serious relationship barely missed making it to the two year mark. That ended almost three years ago next month. I’ve since had various dates and short term things that fizzled out quickly and certainly continued to participate in my share of online dating. However, the last few years have certainly been interesting in learning about myself. Especially this year… oh boy… With my job having become has hectic as it did as summer wound down, I actually took a break from online dating – still am on hiatus on that front, actually. There is still more I need to figure out before getting back to it, but I’m certainly enjoying the dating respite. I’m certainly much happier with this quiet, introspective time, VS the ills I was facing in my last relationship. Lies. Lies. I hate lies. There’s nothing quite like being taken for granted. The 2012 holiday season wasn’t a pleasant one due to that last serious relationship.

There’s still some stuff I need to come to terms with and hopefully become more open about. Talked about it at length with a friend recently. She had warm feedback for me. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but there is a reason she’s a dear friend. I really do hope to regain focus here quickly so that I may get back to updating the comic. It’s actually interesting to think about how what I need to come to terms with is actually relevant to Thinking of Utopia in some ways.

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Ungh. Work is still being a major pain in the rear that leaves me with little energy. I spend a larger portion of my days off in bed trying to just recharge from the exhaustion resulting from stress. I actually had a rather productive day around the apartment today, after sleeping in, and surprisingly while trying to fend off a head cold. I may or may not have randomly woken up on the living room couch in the late afternoon… but I still got quite a bit done that had been needing tending to for a few weeks. My head surprisingly isn’t foggy this evening and I may be able to actually work on something creative.

Minimal energy expenditure outside of bed was peppered with watching the series House. I finally finished it this week. I will be adding it to my DVD collection in the near future. It was an amazing series and I’m sad that it ended, but remained amazing the entire run.

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Page 21 Is Up!

You can check out page 21 now! 😀

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